B.Y.O.T. - Improv/Sketch Team Jam

Sunday, June 17 2018


UCBT East Village

153 East 3rd St, New York, NY 10009


There will be a standby line for this show

B.Y.O.T. is UCBT's improv/sketch team jam.

Are you on an improv team and want to do a short set on stage at UCBT? BYO improv team. Does your sketch team want to try out that new sketch in front of an audience? BYO sketch team. In a practice group that wants more practice? BYO practice group. In an improv/sketch class and want some more reps?BYO class. Do you have a friend group that wants to give this improv stuff a shot? BYO friend group. Are you just a person that wants to try out a character? BYO self.

BRING YOUR OWN TEAM. UCBT's only team jam.

Hosted by Andy Bustillos and the Hot Chicks Room bartenders.

Every Sunday at 11pm. Totally FREE.

  • Sign up starts in the Hot Chicks Room bar at 10:30pm. Get your team name in either the sketch or improv bucket by 11 to perform. Sketch teams should put team name and sketch title on piece of paper placed in bucket as well as a script with team name on it. The same goes for character pieces. Anything that's not improv should have a printed out script.
  • All improv teams are guaranteed around 5-10 minutes on stage, depending on how many teams show up that night. Solo improv will only get 2 minutes.
  • All sketch teams/character pieces are guaranteed to perform one sketch 3-5 pages in length (i.e. should not exceed 3-5 minutes in length). 
  • The host will announce the next team to perform one at a time by drawing team names randomly from the bucket - the order will not be posted at the start nor can the host accommodate requests to go early/late in the order.
  • For sketches and character pieces, bring a printed out copy of sketch (secured by staple or paper clip) with your team's name and sketch title clearly printed on the top of the front page, along with a clearly marked black out line. For logistical reasons, NO INTERNAL TECH CUES!
  • Sketch teams must supply your own actors.
  • Can you put up a sketch if you are just one person and not a team? Yes, but you still must bring your own actors.
  • You are limited to one sketch and performing once with improv. You can never go twice with one category.
  • Each week there will be a team called "New Friends." New Friends is for anyone who would like to do improv but doesn't have a team to perform with. The hosts will join you in a set made up off all new friends.