Comedy Central Corporate Retreat

Tuesday, June 19 2018


UCBT East Village

153 East 3rd St, New York, NY 10009

Corporate Retreat Presents Get Reel: Dandies in the Hemlock

Co-Hosts Joe Castle Baker and Max Wittert continue their monthly show Get Reel with a special edition at UCBT East Village. Each edition of Get Reel features comedians voicing over movie clips, and this month's theme is ~Dandies in the Hemlock~ and it's all period pieces, baby. Fainting, clutching, sumptuous restraint, and aristocratic opulence. Whomstever could asketh for moore?

Lorelei Ramirez
Colin Burgess
Larry Owens
Tim Platt
Ana Fabrega


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×1 ticket = $5

There will be a standby line for this show

Comedy Central's monthly Corporate Retreat show features new hosts and new formats every month. From stand-up to sketch to musical comedy and more, Corporate Retreat always showcases New York's most exciting young performers.